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Helpful Wedding Tips

When planning a wedding to remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune.
Here are some helpful tips to help you save money on your wedding.

Floral arrangements can be, by far, the priciest part of your wedding. The average wedding in Texas spends 50% of its budget on floral. Therefore, floral is first place to look at for opportunities to save while planning your wedding. You don’t need lavish displays of exotics to impress your guests.

First off - if you want to simplify matters

Stone Oak’s Southern Elegance package includes a complete floral package. Our floral package is a no-brainer because we’re able to secure industry deals that you might not have access to shopping independently. We’ve built a relationship with our floral vendors and they know how to create a stunning, color-coordinated, total floral arrangement, no matter the season. It includes corsages, bouquet, centerpieces… everything!

Follow these guidelines to get the most bouquet for your buck:

1. Stay open-minded.
When we begin to contemplate our dream wedding, details start to form, such as the shape of our dress, the color scheme, and so on. It’s easy to become attached to a particular idea. If you are trying to save money, it’s imperative to not be stuck to a particular plant species in your live florals. When dealing with plants, even something technically seasonal or local can be subject to shortages due to bad years for the plant, demand or any other number of circumstances.

2. Stay seasonal.
It’s a fairly simple concept. What is blooming right now won’t have to be imported overnight from niche greenhouses or from overseas.

3. Stay local.
Just like point 2, what is growing nearby won’t have to be imported from faraway exotic lands.

4. Don’t dismiss the faux.
Not every plant at your wedding has to be alive in order to lend to the fresh and delicate ambiance you are trying to create. Also, if you are dead set on a particular type of flower, silk flowers can look terrific. A quick search online will bring you a great variety of quality faux florals.

5. Be upfront with your florist.
A florist loves exotic flowers as much as you do and would be overjoyed to help make your floral fantasies come true, but it’s also their job to bring you sensibility. Give your florist a clear, unwavering budget and they will be more than happy to use their expertise to help you get as close to your vision as possible while staying within your budget.

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